About Lisa

Subcontractor to VAs.  Virtual Assistant to Small Business Owners.  Providing administrative support on a per project basis.

I am Lisa Abramowitz, owner of Lisa Abramowitz Virtual Assistance and Find A Virtual Assistant blog.

As a Virtual Assistant (VA)/Project Manager/Subcontractor for VAs

I provide administrative support for fellow Virtual Assistants and small business clients out of my own home office.  In other words, I handle the back office administration while you concentrate on the front-end of your business. My clients have ranged from Virtual Assistants to Financial Advisors to Authors/Speakers and everything in –between.  My clients don’t pay for unproductive time, save on the cost of benefits and overhead, and get time and freedom back.

I’m the type of VA who enjoys taking on overflow work from other Virtual Assistants, as well as project-based assignments from small business owners.  My fee structure is based per hour of work.  And for the convenience of my clients, I can receive payment through PayPal.  There are no hidden costs.

As a Virtual Assistant Blogger:

I blog about how to Find A Virtual Assistant and other things VA-related.  Looking for a VA can be a daunting task if you are unprepared.  Why not have an actual VA guide you through the process?  As a VA, I’ve found there are things you must know before you begin a search.  Take a look at my articles and site for some useful information.  A little preparation up front can save you money and hassle later.

A little more about me:

Born and raised in California, married for over 20 years, and known for being even-tempered, discreet and tenacious.

My administrative background started in the corporate arena.  Eventually I left to pursue my own business providing administrative support for other small business owners.  I’ve been in this field for over 20 years, over half of them as a Virtual Assistant.

Between the corporate world and my VA business, I have worked with executives and CEOs from different industries and backgrounds.  I made a decision to niche with fellow Virtual Assistants because the variety of work keeps things interesting.  I also enjoy taking on project-based assignments from small business owners.

Interested in working with me as your VA?

First, check out my Services, and Testimonials pages for more information.  Next, contact me and share your  interests and needs.  I will email a reply.  From there we can set up a free phone consultation to discuss your needs further.  Remember, you don’t have to run your business on your own.

General questions about how to find a VA, or VA stuff in general:

Check out my Posts/Latest News, or contact me today.


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